Anti-bribery campaign
Assoc. British Foods

Associated British Foods (ABF) tasked us with creating a visually-led poster campaign to communicate their anti-bribery messages to a global audience.


ABF own many household brands (such as Twinings, Ryvita and Ovaltine) with multiple sites across the planet. Their drive to eradicate any temptation towards bribery and corruption across the group needed a reboot with a set of messages that could be understood quickly and clearly.


We started out by creating a brand identity that would act as an umbrella to this poster campaign and other activities that would occur further down the line. This identity had to work alongside existing ABF branding and, potentially, the sub-brands of each company within the organisation too.


Knowing that words can have different meanings from one country to the next inspired us to concentrate on a set of visuals that would convey a message without having to explain it with lots of words. The bright, contrasting colour palettes were developed to ensure that the posters would stand out on crowded notice boards and also be seen by visitors to the sites who may not have been aware of ABF anti-bribery and corruption policy.


The branding and posters play a central part in conveying the anti-bribery and corruption message to all members of the ABF workforce, clients and visitors to their offices around the world.