Venn magazine for the University of Hull alumni

The new marketing team at the University of Hull wanted a complete overhaul of their flagship alumni magazine with a new look, feel and focus. By giving more space for writing and design we created a reading experience more like a Sunday paper magazine than a piece of alumni marketing.

The challenge

The University of Hull felt the existing alumni magazine lacked focus and had neglected its most important readers – university alumni. They wanted to send out a magazine that would be a pleasure for alumni to receive in the post and spend time with – something more in common with a Sunday newspaper magazine than a newsletter or obvious piece of marketing.

Sample spreads from Venn magazine

A complete rethink of design and editorial

Striving for a more enjoyable and luxurious reading experience we completely rethought the format and content of the magazine. The title relaunched with a new name – Venn (a nod to the famous local mathematician) – and a renewed focus on building relationships with alumni. Instead of filling it with bitty news stories and relying on existing marketing materials and press releases, we researched and wrote long-form features showcasing the University’s leading research but maintaining a strong human focus throughout. A larger size, uncoated stock and much more specially commissioned photography and illustration provided the desired sense of quality.

The new typography brought the magazine away from the university’s suite of corporate brochures and more towards the feeling of a quality Sunday newspaper supplement – a request that was stated in the brief. Introducing infographics and more panels with relevant information to the feature into the longer features kept the magazine accessible and provided the reader with plenty of entry points.

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