Thoughtful, long-form ‘state of the industry’ review

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Maersk Oil UK wanted its new print magazine to reflect a sense of humility and collaboration, whilst standing out from the crowd and proving a really good read.


Maersk Oil UK, established in Aberdeen by the Danish-owned shipping group, wanted to create a modern magazine to improve stakeholder communications. Using external contributors, the magazine would explore key issues in the industry, whilst avoiding the usual ‘banging of the drum’ of corporate literature.

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Front cover of shelf magazine
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Working with an organisation whose key corporate value is ‘humbleness’ is a refreshing experience and it was clear from the start that Shelf would be a very different sort of magazine. Inspired by the style of modern craft magazines, the focus with Shelf is on genuinely strong content brought to life by highly creative, illustration-led design. The magazine’s uncoated stock, unusual size and themed editorial split into chapters all adds to the sense of wonder.

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The chapter-led approach allowed us to sub-brand each section into easily accessible features. The openers offered the reader a guide to their journey with a clock-style graphic that showed them how far through the magazine they were. These acted as mini-contents pages and were signposted with a quote and image related to that chapters theme.

The magazine follows a tight grid structure that keeps the consistency flowing throughout. Any page furniture that was superfluous to the design was stripped back and the readers’ interest is retained through the subtle imagery that often has a hidden or double meaning within the feature.

‘Innovative and creative’

Working with White Light on Shelf was a great experience. They embraced our brief and together we created a fantastic product. They are innovative, they are creative, they know the power of good content and they are a team immensely capable of bringing it all together to create publications that draw the reader in and enthral them. I would have no hesitation in recommending the team and I can’t wait to work with them on another project.”

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