Charterhouse masthead

Re-imagining a traditional school magazine

Charterhouse is one of England’s top schools set in a beautiful campus in the Surrey countryside. They asked us to help them revamp their alumni magazine and turn it into a modern publication that their global readership would be interested to receive.

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Hot Rum Cow magazine

The world’s best booze magazine

At the peak of ‘print is dead’ doom-mongering, we took the very bold move of launching our own magazine – a global title about booze called Hot Rum Cow. Some thought we were mad; but Hot Rum Cow has transformed White Light Media.

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A business magazine that stands out

Bored of seeing tired, uninspiring business magazines that were stuck in a time warp, we decided to create something that would stand out from the crowd. With a radically different format, structure and design; a great name; and fascinating content, Poppy quickly made a splash.

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Venn magazine

The new marketing team at the University of Hull wanted a complete overhaul of their flagship alumni magazine with a new look, feel and focus. By giving more space for writing and design we created a reading experience more like a Sunday paper magazine than a piece of alumni marketing.

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