Content marketing

Content marketing is simply the practise of communicating with your customers in a way that demonstrates the value you offer and builds a relationship that can help to ensure future loyalty.

Content planning

The Six Pillar Content Calendar

By cultivating high quality, informative and engaging content, we are able to build and strengthen that all-important relationship with our audience. As well as building trust, great content can also increase brand awareness, generate leads and boost SEO. When it comes to creating a content calendar, there are six pillars you need to build on.

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Content marketing in a pandemic

Strong client relationships are at the heart of all we do at White Light. Although a lot is different about the way we’ve been working over the past year, one thing has remained unchanged: our commitment to helping our clients create and execute impactful content marketing campaigns that they can be proud of, even during the most uncertain of times.

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Exploring our issues

White Light was born in 2001. We’re now old enough to get married, join the army and ride a moped. Naturally, reaching significant milestones can trigger self-contemplation and pose a few existential questions. What is the purpose of our agency now? What are we best at? And where is the market heading next?

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A business magazine that stands out

Bored of seeing tired, uninspiring business magazines that were stuck in a time warp, we decided to create something that would stand out from the crowd. With a radically different format, structure and design; a great name; and fascinating content, Poppy quickly made a splash.

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