An SEO-driven refresh to improve rankings on a poorly performing site

When a website fails to rank for anything other than brand name searches, it usually means that at least one of the SEO fundamentals has been overlooked. Thankfully, for voiceover artist Jenny Dunbar, we were on hand to give her outdated website a full overhaul.

The thin content problem

Jenny was dissatisfied with her search visibility, which was essentially non-existent. So, we did what we always do. We began by looking at her existing site for clues.

It quickly became evident that the problem was the same as we see on many freelancer and sole trader websites – that of ‘thin content’. While it was visually pleasant, each page of the site had only a handful of words.  And while that text might have been rich in superlatives, there was little there which described her services and expertise. This leaves search engines with very little reason to deem the site as useful and worth presenting to people.

In addition, there were no meaningful headers. Likewise, the meta titles and  descriptions were not properly configured. We needed to restructure and enrich Jenny’s site if it was to stand a chance against the competition. 

Jenny Dunbar's old website
Jenny loved the look of her old site but it was no longer doing the job she needed it to.

“Make my website visible!”

Everyone wants to be able to rank well on Google, but even with engaging copy and great design in your arsenal, neglected SEO means nobody is going to find you. When Jenny approached WLM, her ‘thin copy’ problem meant she was only ranking for her own name, and wasn’t getting traction for any voiceover-related searches whatsoever.

So we knew we had to make the site more descriptive and plug the content gaps if we were going to tempt search engines to direct traffic. Without the budget to write extensive articles about the nuances of good voiceover work, we made the decision to consolidate the existing pages to a single page that could contain enough information all together to be deemed valuable.

We got to work researching and compiling a list of search terms to target, and ensuring they were addressed in the content and subheadings on our newly extended home page.

Remember the reader

While we want the site to rank – and visibility is crucial – we’re ultimately not creating the site for our client. We’re creating it for readers who will hopefully use our client’s services. It sounds obvious, but it can be easy to assume that because we’ve ticked certain boxes, success is assured. In reality, this is far from the case. Throughout the process, we checked and checked again that what we were producing was accurate, would make sense to the visitor and would quickly convey the positive impression we wanted to impart.

At the same time, we liaised with Jenny to determine what examples of her recent work we should add to her portfolio.  We also didn’t want to lose sight of her years of experience, her background and her personality, all of which are distinguishing factors her clients appreciate.

The revised hero area of Jenny's new website

We opened with a concise introduction and placed voice samples right at the top of the page. This way,  the most important questions of “who is she, and what does she sound like?” can be answered immediately.

To enhance the social proof offered by Jenny’s testimonials, we took the opportunity to highlight the household names that have benefitted from Jenny’s talents. An array of instantly recognisable logos goes a long way in impressing that this is a trusted professional, and can be much more effective than gushing, flowery prose!

From there, we went on to describe the various types of work that Jenny does in straightforward plain English, gave a potted biography, included details on her recording facilities and of course worked in those glowing testimonials!

The end result

From our first performance analysis, Jenny’s site has taken an immediate leap. Looking at her visibility before and after launch, we could see a clear improvement with a number of her key phrases now delivering front page results.

A graph showing the increase in visibility post launch
See if you can tell where our new site launched!

These jumps have meant a huge boost in visibility, and the likelihood of attracting the right audience is greatly increased. We’ll be continuing to monitor the analytics and making adjustments according to what we see.

With content, design and SEO best practices in place, Jenny now has a website that clearly outlines her services and areas of expertise. The styling and easy navigation that she loved from the old website has been retained, but has been given a modern polish.

Our copywriters crafted concise yet informative copy that clearly outlines the client’s services and experiences, as well as her professional background.  Our team also provided Jenny with clear instructions for uploading content to her new website via the CMS.

Client feedback

We received overwhelming positive feedback from Jenny on this project. She describes the White Light as “a quality and user-friendly company”, and found the process of working with us very easy.

“My website was requiring serious updating and was in desperate need of some optimisation. Having worked with White Light for many years, I knew what a quality and user-friendly company they are, and I chose to work with them again as I wanted someone I could trust, who listens, is creative and up-to-date with all things ‘website’.

“The team at White Light are creative, knowledgeable, helpful, approachable and patient. Communication with them is always excellent, and I really liked using Basecamp as a project management system as it made things very transparent and easy.

“The experience absolutely met my expectations. For anyone who is looking for a company that creates a quality website with zero stress involved, I would highly recommend White Light every time.”

For anyone who is looking for a company that creates a quality website with zero stress involved, I would highly recommend White Light every time.

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