Redesigning a traditional school alumni magazine

Charterhouse masthead
Charterhouse is one of England’s top schools set in a beautiful campus in the Surrey countryside. As part of a review of alumni engagement, they asked us to help them revamp their alumni magazine. The aim was to turn it into a modern publication that their global readership would be interested to receive.

A global alumni publication

Charterhouse school had previously used their magazine ‘The OC’ to engage their thousands of alumni all around the world. The magazine contained lots of news articles that were laid out in a journal format with little in the way of differentiation from section to section.

They asked us to bring our alumni marketing experience to redesign ‘OC’ and create something that their alumni, parents and friends would be compelled to receive, compelled to read from cover to cover, or dip in and out of.

Cover of C'house magazine

Bringing the magazine to life

We worked with the Foundation team to rebuild the magazine from the bottom up. Next came the planning of content themes, creating a structure that was easy to follow and could be applied to future issues of the magazine. 

Our editors wrote the long-form features, interviewing individuals from the school and further afield in India. We commissioned bespoke photography of the school, its beautiful grounds and the interviewees that were to feature in the first new-look issue. We also worked with an illustrator who was carefully selected by the school and us to create the cover and a set of illustrations for the main feature – something that had never been done before.

In sympathy with the school’s brand guidelines, we worked to deliver a magazine that could act as a style guide for future publications. The colour palette and typography were carefully selected to ensure flexibility but also a consistent look throughout the magazine.

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Illustration from C'house magazine
Magazine spread
Magazine spread

A win for alumni relations

We created three issues in total for The Charterhouse Foundation, whose team received letters and emails congratulating them on the updated magazine. Most of the comments centred on how the structure and layout was both interesting and impressive, and they looked forward to receiving the next issue.

Being such a historic school, relaunching the magazine was a big step for us and we needed a publishing partner who could balance a contemporary approach with a clear understanding of our heritage. White Light accomplished that balance very successfully and, as well as the design, offered significant expertise in terms of the structure, content and production. Their team were also very patient and enjoyable to work with. Feedback from the readership has been very positive and we’re looking forward to starting work on the next issue.

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