Branding and website design for Performance Journals

Woman filling in a Run Journal
Working with passionate runner Nick Howard, who has launched a range of journals designed to track performance and boost motivation, WLM shaped the branding and website design to support his product and business vision.

The inspiration

Copywriter Nick has found solace in running for over twenty years. After each of his runs, Nick found that putting pen to paper helped him to review his running efforts and track his progress more effectively.  

Recognising how helpful he found this process was what led to the concept of Performance Journals. Nick wanted to create sport-specific Journals to help athletes of all abilities set goals, plan and record their activity and review their progress.

Run Journal package
The Run Journal package: Journal with embossed cover and belly band; guide book; sticker pack; and wall calendar. Image ©Helena Dolby

The vision

Nick was committed to creating a sports Journal that was inclusive for all levels; from beginners through to advanced runners. He wanted to reach keen, ambitious runners like himself, who shared the value of journaling to not only track their physical activity but to improve their mental health and wellbeing, too. 

The idea was to enable runners to create organised, easy-to-find notes which set out weekly goals, as well as what an ideal day would look like. Nick had a clear vision of what the Journal pages themselves would look like, but was looking for inspiration when it came to external branding and design for both the Journal and the e-commerce website.  

He approached White Light Media as a creative partner because of our long reputation for easy communication, attention to detail and the ability to bring a product vision to life.

How we delivered

Ensuring the brand’s personality was effectively communicated was a top priority for Nick. In order to make this a reality, we created a brief from Nick’s initial vision. Following that, we presented a session on what the user should get out of it, the personality that the brand should adopt and how that manifests itself into the look and feel of Performance Journals.  

We worked up three design routes to show how the brand personality could come to life, and developed the route Nick was most drawn to. From there, we finessed visual aspects like the font, the logo, the shapes and the colour palette, and presented these to Nick for feedback as they were developed. We were then able to collaborate effectively with Nick to develop the route he was most drawn to, and work from there to achieve his ideal brand design. 

Nick shared the way he wanted to record his running exploits, and how he imagined planning six months ahead to take into account race prep and training. We then formalised his ideas into a 136-page running Journal, which includes weekly and monthly goals, reviews and space for smaller details like habits, time trials, shoes worn and more.  

Once the branding process was complete, we were able to set up and launch Nick’s new e-commerce website,, to showcase the finished product.

Run Journal website homepage

The results

The final look and feel of the website was designed to match the product concept itself; minimalist yet functional, easy to navigate and with a few innovative features. 

The printed Journal is a high quality product with sustainable credentials. Made with FSC certified paper and vegetable ink, it’s complete with a natural latex-based vegan leather cover and elastic closure bands made from natural rubber and recycled plastic bottles.

We worked with Nick to create three Run Journal packages:

2 x Run Journals
2 x Run Journal Guidebooks
4 x Run Journal 13-week Wall Planners
2 x Run Journal Sticker Sheets
2 x Run Journal Presentation Cases

Run Journal
Run Journal Guidebook
2 x Run Journal 13-week Wall Planners
Run Journal Sticker Sheet
Run Journal Presentation Case

Run Journal
Run Journal Guidebook

Run Journal cover
The sustainably produced Run Journal. The embossed cover is made from natural latex-based vegan leather. Image ©Helena Dolby


Nick is delighted with the final outcome of Performance Journals’ look and website, which has received some excellent exposure since its launch.

He told
Athletics Weekly: “Pulling it together has been a team effort. White Light Media’s Creative Director, Eric Campbell, and his team understood what I wanted to achieve with Performance Journals and the Run Journal. They were committed to building the personality of the brand around my vision and their attention to detail resulted in the brilliant product we have now.”

Pulling it together has been a team effort. White Light Media’s Creative Director, Eric Campbell, and his team understood what I wanted to achieve with Performance Journals and the Run Journal. They were committed to building the personality of the brand around my vision and their attention to detail resulted in the brilliant product we have now.

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