White Light Sleep in the Park

We’ve just about defrosted after spending Saturday night at Edinburgh’s extraordinary Sleep In The Park – an event at which 8,000 people slept under the stars in temperatures as low as -6c to tackle the homelessness problem in Scotland.


It was organised by Josh Littlejohn, the young social entrepreneur behind Social Bite, a charity dedicated to getting the homeless off the streets and giving them the opportunity to fulfil their potential in life. By the time the sun was rising on Sunday, the participants in the sleepout had raised £3.6m in sponsorship, with fundraising continuing until Christmas.

We’ve been working on a pro bono basis for Social Bite since August and teamed up with Scottish film director Magnus Wake to create the official video of the night. Magnus had the final edit ready by the early hours of Sunday and, as we write this 48 hours later, it has already received 108,000 views on social media.

Fraser Allen, Simon Lyle and Matt McArthur also dusted down their best bobble hats to spend 12 hours at the event working on the film and attempting to sleep on the icy slopes, despite their sleeping bags sliding downhill.

The conditions were challenging (no bad thing) but the overwhelming majority of attendees stayed the full night, and several well-known faces appeared on stage during the evening – including Liam Gallagher, John Cleese, Rob Brydon, Bob Geldof and Amy Macdonald.

But the best way to understand what the night was really about, is to watch the video.