Trust us. It’s a great read

Trust. It’s the most valuable thing a brand can create – and when it disappears, the brand will face a struggle for survival. We saw how that played out in the global banking crisis 10 years ago, but many other brands have abused the trust that their customers place in them, usually with disastrous results.

On the flipside, there are a lot of smart brands out there who understand how to develop strong customer relationships based on mutual trust. And the stories in our second episode of White Light’s Got Issues explore this rich seam of material from a variety of colourful angles.

To kick off, Flora Muirhead takes a spin through some of the great brand blunders from Dove’s racism row to Heinz inadvertently promoting porn. Then Fraser Allen teams up with New York-based trust-building strategist Charles Spinosa to debate the concept of ‘trust at first sight’, rounding up with nine key steps to building customer trust.

Malcolm Triggs is then our guide to explaining the potential role of blockchain in marketing, and the technology’s useful but ambiguous relationship with trust.

Trust is obviously also a crucial factor in internal comms, so Robin Gillie got together with Mark Johnston, Director of Communications and Learning at Sky, to reveal the secrets to getting your strategy right.

And if that wasn’t enough great content to get stuck into, Robin also created a vox pop feature on whether we should trust the media and a fake news quiz.

And finally, providing a little gravitas and context, Malcolm conducted an in-depth experiment into the nature of trust. “I’ve got carotene-induced night vision, curly hair as a result of eating crusts and a phobia of pulling faces in case the wind should change,” his feature begins. “What am I?”

To find out, read on….