Mistake – White Light launches Poppy 5

Poppy magazine’s Mistake Issue explores the chaos and creativity of getting things wrong

We’ve all made mistakes; from painfully over-plucking our eyebrows to flare bottom jeans, we all have moments in life we would rather forget. But what if you could harness your mistakes and channel them into something positive? As far back as 1868 William Connor Magee, the Archbishop of York, was telling worshippers: “The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything.” Isn’t a good life lived not one which has gone according to plan, but one that is colourful?

At White Light Media we think so and we have devoted a whole issue of our business magazine Poppy to understanding the chaos and creativity that mistakes can bring. Issue 5 explores how to encourage the creative mistakes, sidestep the destructive ones, recover from the unavoidable ones, and learn the lessons from them all.

We speak to individuals including Khalil Rafati, who took the wrong path and became a multi-million dollar success, and Professor Russell Napier, who devoted an entire library to banking blunders.

Illustration: Andrew Bastow

We hope you find this issue entertaining and valuable. We publish Poppy because we love big ideas, great writing and clever design – qualities we’ve brought to award-winning work with clients. If you could do with some help from a content agency that does things differently, get in touch. We all make mistakes, but working with White Light wouldn’t be one of them.