New adventures in podcasting

In collaboration with the Scottish Business Network, Fraser Allen reveals the launch of a new series of interviews with big personalities from the world of Scottish business

Almost exactly a year ago, I conducted an interview live on stage with the legendary magazine publisher John Brown at Magfest 17. He’s a natural raconteur with a fund of outrageous stories, particularly from his years of publishing the adult comic Viz, and you can watch the (appropriately potty-mouthed) interview here.

It was a new experience for me because, despite having started my career in journalism more than 30 years ago, I’d never carried out a live interview – and it’s a very different process. It was therefore an odd coincidence when, only a fortnight later I was asked to interview Kenny Wilson, then CEO of Cath Kidston, in front of an audience in London for a Scottish Business Network event. 

Kenny rarely does interviews yet provided a frank and fascinating insight into his life. He explained how he'd briefly been a footballer for Sir Alex Ferguson at Aberdeen but, after not quite making the grade, he refused to kick a ball again, even for fun. And as well as getting a feel for the close grip he has on the businesses he runs (he now heads up Dr Martens) he also revealed the sacrifices he makes and some of his personal regrets. It was thought-provoking and unexpectedly moving. I was therefore very happy when the Scottish Business Network masterclasses became a regular event, giving me the opportunity to interview more fascinating characters, such as Round the World Yachtswoman Julie Ashworth and former Scotland rugby captain David Sole, both of whom have forged highly successful business careers.

There stories were so good that it seemed a shame to me that they couldn’t be shared with a larger audience. So, following discussions with the founders of the Scottish Business Network, Christine Esson and Russell Dalgleish, we've launched a podcast series that will feature a diverse range of big personalities from the wider world of Scottish business.

Episode one features the highly entertaining and inspiring Tweedie Brown, who was the senior British commanding officer in Berlin when the wall came down. Soldier, businessman, impresario and bon vivant, his interview is highly recommended. 

A new episode will appear each fortnight, and we’ll be speaking to people from a wide range of age, experience and backgrounds. 

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