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Cover of Alumni 2022 edition
We have worked on the University of Liverpool’s Alumni magazine for seven years, building a strong collaborative relationship with the university’s comms team. The latest edition excelled in its content and design and proved once again the enduring power of physical print.

Alumni is the annual magazine read by graduates of the University of Liverpool all around the world. Strengthening the University’s stakeholder comms, the magazine features the latest news and research from the university, profiles illustrious former students and allows alumni to catch up on news from their old classmates. 

White Light Media produces the magazine alongside the Liverpool comms team. Our editorial team organises and conducts interviews with contributors and writes and edits copy, while our designers bring that copy to life through punchy, graphic-led layouts. We also manage print fulfilment and mailing on behalf of the university, ensuring that the publishing process is a smooth one from beginning to end. 

The 2022 edition of Alumni was perhaps the strongest yet, its editorial content exploring important and topical issues such as diversity, sustainability and public health, all the while maintaining an engaging and accessible style. Our editors were able to establish a strong rapport with interviewees for the magazine, from alumni to university faculty members, elevating their voices and teasing out the stories that needed to be told.

Amazing content and quality. Thank you for a delightful magazine I am proud to have contributed to.”

Adapting the editorial design

When it came to design, the White Light team was able to incorporate the university’s new branding that was introduced midway through the project, allowing Alumni to sit beautifully alongside Liverpool’s latest stakeholder comms and marketing materials. The eye-catching cover features Liverpool alumnus and wildlife filmmaker Chadden Hunter, whose fascinating profile became our cover story for the magazine.

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The power of printed magazines

Feedback from readers on this year’s magazine has been resoundingly positive, with many commenting that physical print is a joy to receive. We found that the print element of the project also added incentive to potential contributors to the magazine, who are pleased and often surprised to learn that there will be a physical copy. 

Deborah Wood, Communications Manager at the University of Liverpool, said: “The White Light team ably steer us through the roughly six-month process of producing Alumni, assisting with copywriting, editing, full layout and design, and print fulfilment. 

“Over the years, we’ve developed a shorthand with WLM that has enabled a really good working relationship and smooth production process. This year, we introduced a new brand identity mid-way through the magazine’s production and the design team was happy to work with us on bringing the new design elements into the magazine, giving it a fresh new look. For each issue, WLM creates around six articles for the magazine, including a mix of features and interviews, alongside our own content. 

“WLM really seems to ‘get’ the University and the city of Liverpool; they are sympathetic to the history and traditions, but are also able to offer a new slant on things offering advice on best practice.”

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