Exploring our issues

White Light was born in 2001. We’re now old enough to get married, join the army and ride a moped. Naturally, reaching significant milestones can trigger self-contemplation and pose a few existential questions. What is the purpose of our agency now? What are we best at? And where is the market heading next?

At a simple level, we’re here to help our clients overcome challenges. In a world of rapid technological change and economic uncertainty, most organisations have their hands full with a wide range of issues that require strategic marketing and comms solutions. And we know that a lot of our clients have stressful, demanding roles.

That’s why we’re launching White Light’s Got Issues. One by one, we’re going to be tackling some of the big issues that affect us all as marketers. We’ll be unearthing great content for you, while hopefully helping you in your jobs and making you smile.

The first big theme we’re looking at is ‘Anxiety’. It’s one of the big themes of the age we live in and has given us licence to create some outstanding content, including unexpected diversions into stand-up comedy, haunted houses and naked swimming.

No need to be anxious, just take a look.

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