Creating an impactful corporate video for Howden

Corporate videos are one of the most impactful ways to tell a brand’s story. Howden approached us to produce their corporate video that would showcase the company to prospective clients, shareholders and investors all over the world. This is how we got to work.

The brief

Having worked with Howden for many years, they entrusted WLM to create a corporate video that would allow the company to shine a spotlight on its brand story, and reach new audiences through the power of digital storytelling. 

Howden wanted sharp visuals, impactful graphics and an engaging voiceover that would take the viewer on a journey through the company’s history – and its plans for the future – in a concise yet powerful way. 

The process 

Howden created a video script to base the visuals on, and we got to work finding and securing an American voiceover artist that would be suitable for the international market. We researched and identified suitable artists and sent a shortlist with samples over to the team at Howden, who chose one that best fitted the tone they wanted. Our team then set up and directed a remote, transatlantic recording session that the client sat in on.

Using Howden factory footage and some creative stock videography, we got busy with Adobe Premier Pro to edit the video together to run alongside the narrative. The design team cut this together with punchy graphics and creative typographic treatments to walk the audience through the story in an impactful, meaningful way.  

The end result? A slick-looking video which pulled together all the most impressive elements of Howden’s brand story, showcasing the depth and breadth of the company’s offering while encapsulating Howden’s exciting plans for the future.   

Due to the global nature of the project, we managed multiple stakeholders through the process to ensure all business units had equal representation. The stock video footage and voiceover required us to secure licensing, and we managed captioning and translations for German and Japanese audiences. Together, these are time-consuming necessities which our team delivered with efficiency, diligence and patience throughout.  

A single project manager from our team oversaw the whole project from start to finish, which meant we had a clear understanding of all the client’s requests throughout, and the project was completed without any time-sapping crossed wires. 

Client feedback

We received excellent feedback from Howden, who presented their new corporate video at the company’s Human Resources Leadership Team meeting. This is what they said: 

“The Howden Leadership Team was VERY impressed with the video. We had resounding applause at the end, and lots of positive comments including the impact this will have on the employer brand, the evolution of Howden from the company we were to the company we are now, how well this tells the story of where we are today and the connection between what people do day-to-day and our mission.”

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