Content marketing in a pandemic

Strong client relationships are at the heart of all we do at White Light. Although a lot is different about the way we’ve been working over the past year, one thing has remained unchanged: our commitment to helping our clients create and execute impactful content marketing campaigns that they can be proud of, even during the most uncertain of times.

The Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) is a world-class conference and events centre that typically welcomes tens of thousands of delegates from across the globe every year. Situated in the heart of our home city, the EICC has been a valued White Light client since our foundation in 2001. Over the years, we’ve helped the EICC adapt and evolve its communications to the latest industry and technological trends – including transitioning from a print magazine to the Ideas Hub, a dedicated area of the EICC website containing valuable events-based content.

Image of the EICC control room during a virtual event
The EICC control room hosts a virtual event

A turning point

When the pandemic hit, disproportionately affecting the events and travel sectors, we knew the EICC’s content marketing would need to adapt. While the EICC team worked rapidly to reinvent the way they produced events amidst social distancing and travel restrictions, we worked with the Marketing and PR team to craft communications that would effectively convey the organisation’s response.

The variety in content we have produced for the EICC has increased tenfold during this period, and has included case studies of virtual events, insights into what the future might hold for the industry, and tips and tricks for making the most of online events. Through the power of content marketing, we have successfully conveyed important information about the EICC’s latest virtual events offerings, discussed changes taking place in the events and conferences sector, and continued to establish the organisation’s voice of authority in these challenging times. 

We have also created a brand new content series, Events Reimagined, which tackles the complex and varied effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the events industry. The series has so far incorporated interviews with well-known and trusted industry figures and experts, increasing the reach and credibility of the content we produce.

As with all our clients, we have built up a level of trust so as to become an extension of the EICC’s team. We’re on the pulse with the latest events industry news and trends; we keep a close eye on the performance and engagement of each feature; and we remain on the lookout for potential content ideas. All of this and more is what ensures we produce the most relevant and impactful content possible for our client.

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