Content planning

The Six Pillar Content Calendar

By cultivating high quality, informative and engaging content, we are able to build and strengthen that all-important relationship with our audience. As well as building trust, great content can also increase brand awareness, generate leads and boost SEO. When it comes to creating a content calendar, there are six pillars you need to build on.

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A dog in bunny ears

(Brand) identity politics

Earlier this month, the United States celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. It was an event with heightened resonance at a time when issues of inequality of all sorts are topping the news agenda worldwide.

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Old blog, new tricks

In the era of social media, a great deal of our online experience is dominated by some form of the ‘feed’. While algorithms play their part in filtering content and prime-timing what’s hot, the effect is still that of a linear, chronological stream. Platforms understand that choice can be overwhelming so they present us with an orderly queue to keep us engaged for longer.

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Content marketing in a pandemic

Strong client relationships are at the heart of all we do at White Light. Although a lot is different about the way we’ve been working over the past year, one thing has remained unchanged: our commitment to helping our clients create and execute impactful content marketing campaigns that they can be proud of, even during the most uncertain of times.

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