Brand video for a distillery tours website

Businessman and former Hot Rum Cow magazine collaborator David Riddell has launched a new business promoting Scottish whisky distillery tours.


DistilleryTours.Scot is an independent website that helps whisky fans plan their visits to Scottish distilleries from Highland Park up in Orkney to Annandale down in Dumfriesshire and everywhere in between. Whisky enthusiasts can find an entry on the website for every Scottish distillery and those distilleries can enhance their listings by becoming a partner.

As part of his B2B marketing strategy, we worked with David to create a video that introduced the DistilleryTours.Scot concept to whisky brands and showed them the additional features on offer should they become a website partner.

Blair introduces DTS

The project

We wrote and scripted a two-minute video that introduced the viewer to DistilleryTours.Scot. Whisky tourism is a booming industry in Scotland with 2.2 million people visiting distilleries in 2019, spending almost £85 million between them. New distilleries are opening every year, and the aim of the website is to create a hub for tourists to browse, select and book their distillery tours while trip planning. 

The information in the video had to be relayed in a clear and concise manner. We chose to use animated graphics and a voice over for this, accompanied by video content from our own World Whisky Day events and a testimonial from World Whisky Day founder and DistilleryTours.Scot Ambassador Blair Bowman. 


To keep to the tight budget, we created the animation, filmed Blair’s segment and did the voice over in-house. This was then edited together into the final video hosted on the DistilleryTours.Scot website.

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