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Bored of seeing tired, uninspiring business magazines that were stuck in a time warp, we decided to create something that would stand out from the crowd. With a radically different format, structure and design; a great name; and fascinating content, Poppy quickly made a splash.


We already had a good reputation from our digital publishing projects for comms and marketing professionals in the finance sector, and had worked with some fantastically astute clients. Yet we could see that they had busy working lives that revolved around day-to-day project management and rarely had time to think about the future of their industry. We launched Poppy especially for them.

Poppy covers

The ethos

Poppy – named after an old slang word for money – was a fresh breath of air in business magazine publishing. The unusual format, emphasis on illustration and stripped-back format, in which the focus is firmly on five genuinely useful long-form features, has won many admirers. Topics covered  include the business lessons of Trappist monks, what banks can learn from Sir Laurence Olivier’s son, the extraordinary importance of trust in finance, and where robots are taking us.

The design uses the large format to give the content plenty of space so the reader doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the longer copy lengths. The features are brought to life by original, commissioned illustration or photography and the layouts make use of a consistent suite of carefully chosen typography and grid structure.

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Poppy directly led us to a very fruitful collaboration with the Swiss-based financial services company Equatex and a Poppy-inspired project called Reflect. Like Hot Rum Cow, Poppy is evidence that we think differently to the competition, offering our clients a refreshingly creative and effective option.

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In addition to the print magazine, we also created a digital version, which was published directly to Medium.

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