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A daily dose for London Wine Fair

White Light worked with the London Wine Fair to create three bespoke newspapers covering each day of the event

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Marketing in the age of platforms – thoughts from Turing Fest 2018

It's happening so how do we cope with it? Matt shares some insights from Turing Fest 2018.


Maersk Oil

Thoughtful, long-form journalism showcased by modern design in this fascinating 'state of the industry' review for Maersk Oil UK.


White Light

A completely new model of business magazine. Our own title, written for comms & marketing people in financial services. A brilliant read; increasingly influential.


Golden Charter

Embracing a fresh approach to the 'Big Conversation' by the UK's largest provider of funeral care.

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(Brand) identity politics

Consumers are now demanding brands play their part in society


London Wine Fair

A striking portfolio of branding work created for the UK's biggest drinks event, since Hot Rum Cow brought us together in 2013.

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Conference Call

Our longest standing project, we've been publishing Conference Call in print and digital formats since 2001.

Magazines, branding

Laings of Glasgow
Jewellery brandbook

Luxurious lifestyle magazine meets jewellery catalogue with seductive content and stunning photography. Published in two sizes to suit all handbags.


Assoc. British Foods
Anti-bribery campaign

Making the message stick – a powerful, global anti-bribery campaign.